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  1. MazeBall (7 243 times)
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  3. Van Helsing vs Skeletons (2 902 times)
  4. Waste (2 858 times)
  5. Turn Based Marine War (2 822 times)
  6. Quantum Patrol 2 (2 814 times)
  7. Fishing Tactics (2 807 times)
  8. Kick The Critter (2 792 times)
  9. Mummy's Path (2 782 times)
  10. Knight Slider (2 756 times)


  1. Atlantis Quest (1 916 times)
  2. Football Puzzles (1 994 times)
  3. Fishing Tactics (2 807 times)
  4. Kick The Critter (2 792 times)
  5. Van Helsing vs Skeletons (2 902 times)
  6. Mummy's Path (2 782 times)
  7. Waste (2 858 times)
  8. Quantum Patrol 2 (2 814 times)
  9. Turn Based Marine War (2 822 times)
  10. Knight Slider (2 756 times)

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FavoriteMiniGames > Puzzle

Egypt Crystals

Very interesting game in a genre match3.

(Played: 439)

Egyptian Treasure

Find the treasure!

(Played: 370)

Eine und Kleine - chapter one

Eine and Kleine are looking for trophies.

(Played: 340)

Elemental Explosions

A match 3 game with an elemental theme.

(Played: 366)

Eluder 1.0

Eluder is a challenging platform game with many mechanics for easier environm...

(Played: 391)

Emma - It\'s Valentines Day

Join Emma in the companion adventure to Liliths\'s Valentines day

(Played: 1 023)


Test your wits. Slide around various emoticons to clear each board and procee...

(Played: 450)

Enigmata: Stellar War

Build up a base to save the Enigmata galaxy from the insidious Villalobos! He...

(Played: 351)


Remove the blocks to make happy faces get in touch with sad faces to cheer th...

(Played: 584)

Escape from ice mountain

Escape from the evil Ice Lord

(Played: 319)

Escape Wonderland

You wake up, unaware of your surroundings in a familiar area. The one and onl...

(Played: 382)

Extreme Maths

Put your maths skills to the test in this fast action snowboarding game!

(Played: 356)


funny game

(Played: 502)

Factory Balls 4

A new episode in the Factory Balls series: Factory Balls 4. Can you produce t...

(Played: 437)

Fairy Pearls

Discover the mystery of fairy pearls in this Match 3 game. You have to collec...

(Played: 349)


Fold space to remove walls, gaps and solve puzzles in this unique adventure!

(Played: 364)

Ferrari Puzzle Game

Free classic puzzle Game.

(Played: 423)

Find That Animal

Are You a Truly Adventurer ???

(Played: 644)

FireBoy & WaterGirl 3: The Ice Temple

Help FireBoy and WaterGirl in this new adventure! Control both characters at ...

(Played: 353)

Firebug 2

Firebug is back with more fire-farting madness! Get to the end of each level ...

(Played: 491)


Help fish get back to water!

(Played: 521)


You\'ve got a million mile quota and a lot of packages to collect from across...

(Played: 395)

Flood it!

Fill all the pixels with one color. You start from the top-left corner and mo...

(Played: 430)

Flooded Village

In this innovative puzzle game, you dig a river through the village. Water th...

(Played: 350)

Flooded Village - Xmas Eve

Dig rivers and flip switches to guide water through the snowy village. Grow X...

(Played: 328)

Fly N Frog

Frog want to eat all flies, but sometimes they looks smart and it not so easy.

(Played: 474)

Football Puzzles

Puzzle with football theme. Eliminate all the blocks. 2 or more neighbour blo...

(Played: 1 994)

Forgotten Asylum

Forgotten Asylum is an adventure/puzzle game.

(Played: 576)

Fort Blaster. Ahoy There!

Arrgh! Blast enemy soldiers within their forts, destroy everything on your wa...

(Played: 449)

Fossil Crush

match similar fossil together and solve the puzzle

(Played: 308)

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