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  1. MazeBall (7 228 times)
  2. Straight to the exit 2 (3 170 times)
  3. Van Helsing vs Skeletons (2 883 times)
  4. Waste (2 842 times)
  5. Turn Based Marine War (2 807 times)
  6. Quantum Patrol 2 (2 800 times)
  7. Fishing Tactics (2 791 times)
  8. Kick The Critter (2 774 times)
  9. Mummy's Path (2 771 times)
  10. Knight Slider (2 746 times)


  1. Atlantis Quest (1 909 times)
  2. Football Puzzles (1 982 times)
  3. Fishing Tactics (2 791 times)
  4. Kick The Critter (2 774 times)
  5. Van Helsing vs Skeletons (2 883 times)
  6. Mummy's Path (2 771 times)
  7. Waste (2 842 times)
  8. Quantum Patrol 2 (2 800 times)
  9. Turn Based Marine War (2 807 times)
  10. Knight Slider (2 746 times)

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FavoriteMiniGames > Shooting

Brave Kings

Shot the king and his knights. Destroy their defenses!

(Played: 529)


The action continues in the 3rd chapter in the BOA action sidescrolling series

(Played: 369)

Bubble Contest

shoot the bubbles as many as possible before they reach the bottom of the scr...

(Played: 397)

Bubble Raid

How many bubbles can you pop?

(Played: 474)

Bubble Shooter Exclusive

A fantastic bubble shooter game with new powerup and unlimited game-play.

(Played: 1 999)

Bubble Tanks 3

The sequel to the mega-hit Bubble Tanks series!

(Played: 491)

Build & Destroy Live

Build your tower & Destroy your opponent. Challenge your friends live!

(Played: 354)

Bullet Audyssey

Bullet Audyssey is a rhythm-based shoot \'em up where you must \"Survive the ...

(Played: 542)

Call of Bieber

Call of Bieber is a funny shooter game

(Played: 498)


Explore the mines using your laser cannon to carve through the rocks.

(Played: 510)

Cannibal Casserole 2

The sequel to last year\'s popular rag-doll throwing franchise, Cannibal Cass...

(Played: 342)


Avast ye landlubber! Our cannoneer be takin\' ye down!

(Played: 342)

CANNONS Revolution

A multiplayer artillery game where you build up your tank and fight players f...

(Played: 381)

chicken Shoot

You can shoot chickens out of cannons. Shoot chickens and fall into the pool....

(Played: 454)

chicken vs dog

it\'s physic shooting game, there are more kinds of bullet ,very fun!

(Played: 421)

Choose Your Game

Tired of fantasy? Then turn the space setting ON! You don\'t like adventures?...

(Played: 501)

Christmas Defense

Nothing says Christmas-time like defending Santa\'s milk and cookies from an ...

(Played: 552)

City Sniper

The sniper action continues with more killing. You have some mission to compl...

(Played: 337)

Color Turret

Shoot the balls in the correct baskets while withstanding the concentration b...

(Played: 541)

Colorful Shooter: Bullet Hell

20 achievements, 20 different ships, 2 game modes, 3 difficulty levels, 85 up...

(Played: 499)

Cool West

Evil penguins from Antarctica are at war with the South.

(Played: 331)

cow vs zombie

instructions´╝ÜUse WSAD keys to move,the mouse to aim and the left mouse button...

(Played: 481)

Cut the Monster

Do you like monsters? we thought so. Now you can cut them using your powerful...

(Played: 287)

Dale and Peakot

Help Dale get his chickens back from the coyotes with the help of Peakot, his...

(Played: 349)

Das Boom

Space race has begun! Baron has a new invention that will take him to the moon.

(Played: 472)

Deep Space Dash

Descend into chaos! Collect energy cores and upgrade your equipment to become...

(Played: 457)

Deep Space Journey

You\'re lost in space, find your way back home.

(Played: 401)

Demon Destroyer

Demons escaped from the Hell... Bring them back home!

(Played: 350)

Diepix Arena 2

50 Fast-Paced waves of ADRENALINE and awesome soundtrack!

(Played: 352)

Disc Assault

Top-down scrolling shooter game with 8 levels of gradual difficulty.

(Played: 445)

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