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  1. MazeBall (6 813 times)
  2. Straight to the exit 2 (2 786 times)
  3. Van Helsing vs Skeletons (2 419 times)
  4. Waste (2 405 times)
  5. Quantum Patrol 2 (2 392 times)
  6. Turn Based Marine War (2 387 times)
  7. Kick The Critter (2 386 times)
  8. Mummy's Path (2 384 times)
  9. Fishing Tactics (2 379 times)
  10. Knight Slider (2 358 times)


  1. Atlantis Quest (1 518 times)
  2. Football Puzzles (1 601 times)
  3. Fishing Tactics (2 379 times)
  4. Kick The Critter (2 386 times)
  5. Van Helsing vs Skeletons (2 419 times)
  6. Mummy's Path (2 384 times)
  7. Waste (2 405 times)
  8. Quantum Patrol 2 (2 392 times)
  9. Turn Based Marine War (2 387 times)
  10. Knight Slider (2 358 times)

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FavoriteMiniGames > knight

Hippo the Brave Knight

Help the brave hippo to solve the puzzles and get the crown back home.

(Played: 218)

Super Pixelknight

The Saga continues! Fight your way through hordes of monsters and battle agai...

(Played: 369)

Knights vs. Knights

Addictive survival match puzzle. Help your knights to reconquer their lands. ...

(Played: 248)

Dragon Assassin

Fight your way through different levels and try to defeat all three dragon bo...

(Played: 320)

Princess Tale

Oh no! Another princess in troubleā€¦ Help the knight climb the tower. Save the...

(Played: 378)

Brave Kings

Shot the king and his knights. Destroy their defenses!

(Played: 409)

Zombie Knight

Play as a Zombie Knight and defeat all who stand before you!

(Played: 183)

Larry And The Gnomes

Karryon is in complete chaos, as Gnomes are on a rampage! This looks like a j...

(Played: 192)

LARRY: Pup Run

Ever wanted to race at lightning speed on a drunk 3 legged dog?... Now\'s you...

(Played: 240)

Medieval Crusade

Medieval Crusade is flash strategy game.

(Played: 265)

Necrorun (mobile)

Death has been challenged by knights to a duel, and if they win, Death will r...

(Played: 214)

Clash of the Worlds

Defend your kingdom! Upgrade your army and fight against barbarian hordes

(Played: 245)

Necronator 2

The Necronator and his army of darkness have returned! Gather your army and p...

(Played: 262)

Epic Stand

Dark Knight Morokwar is going to seize peaceful lands. Help wizard Frostorn t...

(Played: 311)

Necrorun 2.0

Death has been challenged by knights to a duel, and if they win, Death will r...

(Played: 310)

Running Warrior

Your loved one has been kidnapped by a evil wizard. Explore the 4 different ...

(Played: 328)

The Adventures of the Water Knight: Rescue the Princess

The Adventures of the Water Knight is a dynamic arcade game with many quests ...

(Played: 274)

Siege Knight

A fun defense and shooting game hybrid. Defeat wave after wave of enemies thr...

(Played: 321)

The King's League: Odyssey

Like its predecessor, The League: Odyssey offers a tiny army for your battlin...

(Played: 231)

The Black Knight Rises

The princess has been kidnapped by an evil blood sucking vampire! Enter Count...

(Played: 184)

Giants and Dwarves TD

The kingdom is under the attack of huge devastating giants and relentless wav...

(Played: 173)


Joust your way through the Tournament of Champions on a motorbike!

(Played: 176)

Knight VS Giant

You Play as a White Knight with a rusty Sword to slain the Mighty Giant ,To D...

(Played: 306)

Subway surfers

Use arrow keys and D, F, G keys.

(Played: 173)

Bomb Besieger

Evil knights have captured the city! They have fortified themselves behind th...

(Played: 290)

Knights vs Zombies

Deploy and upgrade units. Use special powers, buy upgrades, win boss fights a...

(Played: 200)

Loot Hero

A legendary Dragon is haunting the lands. Towns are set ablaze, and its magic...

(Played: 191)

Steel Jack

Cartoon style level-based runner game. Run along the trail of stolen treasure...

(Played: 350)

Knight Slider

Twist the levels, KO the goblins, get the key and reach the exit in this addi...

(Played: 2 358)

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