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  1. MazeBall (6 834 times)
  2. Straight to the exit 2 (2 802 times)
  3. Van Helsing vs Skeletons (2 437 times)
  4. Waste (2 425 times)
  5. Quantum Patrol 2 (2 410 times)
  6. Turn Based Marine War (2 403 times)
  7. Kick The Critter (2 403 times)
  8. Mummy's Path (2 399 times)
  9. Fishing Tactics (2 395 times)
  10. Knight Slider (2 372 times)


  1. Atlantis Quest (1 535 times)
  2. Football Puzzles (1 616 times)
  3. Fishing Tactics (2 395 times)
  4. Kick The Critter (2 403 times)
  5. Van Helsing vs Skeletons (2 437 times)
  6. Mummy's Path (2 399 times)
  7. Waste (2 425 times)
  8. Quantum Patrol 2 (2 410 times)
  9. Turn Based Marine War (2 403 times)
  10. Knight Slider (2 372 times)

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Keep couch potatos on their toes by kicking them where sun never shines.

(Played: 441)

cow vs zombie

instructions:Use WSAD keys to move,the mouse to aim and the left mouse button...

(Played: 328)

Fly Zombie Fly

Launching game. The game of zombie-style. Very beautiful graphics and casual ...

(Played: 314)

Twin Cat Warriorn 2

P1 use w,a,s,d to move and jump,P2 use arrow keys to move and jump.Remember o...

(Played: 283)

Operation L.O.A.D

Launch, Orbit, Attack, Destroy. Protect the missile through all four stages. ...

(Played: 254)

Launch to the Moon

Launch to the Moon is a score type game.

(Played: 540)

Zombie Catapult

Aim the catapult to launch the zombie into the coffin. The smart obstacles wi...

(Played: 373)

Intergalactic Penguin

launch a penguin

(Played: 193)

Burrito Bison

Burrito Bison is a fun and simplistic game with an original twist that refres...

(Played: 388)


Launch a rocket into the skies with the goal of reaching space in the shortes...

(Played: 236)

Turtle Dreams to Fly

Launch the turtle as far as you can, collecting bonuses and artefacts, upgrad...

(Played: 238)

Cavemen VS Dinosaurs: Coconut Boom!

Launch the Coconut! Watch it go Boom! MochiGames and Joju Games present Cave...

(Played: 252)

Sheep vs Aliens

It\'s revenge time! Launch your sheep and blow up the aliens in this fun puzz...

(Played: 373)

Heli Strike

Fly your chopper and blow away enemy vehicles and bases in this top-down shoo...

(Played: 337)

Burrito Bison Revenge

Burrito Bison is back for more gummy squashing action in this epic sequel!

(Played: 247)

Burrito Bison 1

Kick gummy bear butts and smash giant doors to escape the dreadful Candy Land!

(Played: 230)

Dummy Crusher

Launch missiles at Ragdoll dummies in this awesome physics game!

(Played: 209)

Crush Thine Enemies

With your kingdom under siege and armies outnumbered you must use your Crushi...

(Played: 221)

Over the Moon

Aim your cows well, collect coins for points and make the jump over the moon!

(Played: 370)

Goblin Flying Machine

Your goblin girlfriend has been kidnapped by evil dwarfs. You build a catapul...

(Played: 429)

Wizard Launcher

Launch wizard as long as possible. You can use use magic while fly.

(Played: 305)


Time for blast off! A Launch game to launch a game! To celebrate the launch o...

(Played: 238)

Troll Cannon

Launch your ragdoll troll and figure out fun physics based levels that twist ...

(Played: 286)

Flying Cookie Quest

Launch Rocket Panda into the land of Cookies. With the help of low-flying sha...

(Played: 279)

Dillo Hills

This tiny armadillo’s biggest dream is to fly through the air like a bird. Bu...

(Played: 212)

I Can Fly

The nasty rat has kidnapped your lady pig girlfriend and whisked her away to ...

(Played: 315)

Space monkey

You should escape from the mad scientist with a banana bunch in one hand and ...

(Played: 186)

Wonder Rocket

Launch your rocket into space, unlocking upgrades along the way. Will you be ...

(Played: 196)

PaintWorld 2

Monsters came and torn PaintWorld apart. Launch paint-guys to connect them al...

(Played: 216)

Plunder Mars

Use pogos, rockets, cannons and variety of aerodynamic hats to help launch pi...

(Played: 193)

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