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  1. MazeBall (6 819 times)
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  3. Van Helsing vs Skeletons (2 421 times)
  4. Waste (2 407 times)
  5. Quantum Patrol 2 (2 395 times)
  6. Turn Based Marine War (2 390 times)
  7. Kick The Critter (2 388 times)
  8. Mummy's Path (2 386 times)
  9. Fishing Tactics (2 383 times)
  10. Knight Slider (2 360 times)


  1. Atlantis Quest (1 520 times)
  2. Football Puzzles (1 603 times)
  3. Fishing Tactics (2 383 times)
  4. Kick The Critter (2 388 times)
  5. Van Helsing vs Skeletons (2 421 times)
  6. Mummy's Path (2 386 times)
  7. Waste (2 407 times)
  8. Quantum Patrol 2 (2 395 times)
  9. Turn Based Marine War (2 390 times)
  10. Knight Slider (2 360 times)

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FavoriteMiniGames > water

Sunbed Invaders

It’s you and a water cannon against the holiday makers, blast them back into ...

(Played: 308)

Fish Catcher

Fish Catcher is a simple flash game. Help the penguin to catch the fish from ...

(Played: 524)

Bean Fiend

Collect golden beans and meet strange animals. Climb the bean stock to avoid...

(Played: 328)

Ever Rising Water

Take control of your Ship. Unload falling shapes with addictive Match-3 gamep...

(Played: 432)

Freaky Cows Chinese

Save the drowning cattle! Position the cows on the floating objects. Help the...

(Played: 411)

Spectromancer: League Of Heroes

In Spectromancer, an online fantasy card game, players participate in a magic...

(Played: 246)


Tubiods is a colorful game of puzzle with swim tubes in water.

(Played: 458)

Penquin Pass

Get your penquin to the other side of the water by building an ice walkway wi...

(Played: 294)

Deep Lift 2

Reach the end of each level alive in search of the treasure. Avoid dangerous ...

(Played: 387)

Jumping Man

Jump for your life, as the blocks you\'re standing on gets higher or falls in...

(Played: 419)


Help fish get back to water!

(Played: 340)


Clear the sea zone of invading plankton in this Marble Popper game! Break ...

(Played: 331)

Ancient Defender

Defend you're kingdom alliance contain with human, elf and dwarf against orc...

(Played: 588)

Twin Cat Warriorn 2

P1 use w,a,s,d to move and jump,P2 use arrow keys to move and jump.Remember o...

(Played: 280)

Penguin Quest - The Adventure Island

You\'ll have to use all your wit to corner the penguin before he escapes thro...

(Played: 221)

Icy Gifts

A fun chain reaction game with extremely addictive gameplay, upgrade system a...

(Played: 427)

Penguin Clash

Shoot the other penguins and push them into the water.

(Played: 278)

Kraken Attack

Kraken Attack is another action game from csharks. Your aim is to destroy the...

(Played: 282)

Twin Cat Warrior(level select version)

P1 use w,a,s,d to move and jump,P2 use arrow keys to move and jump.Grab all g...

(Played: 202)

Football deFans

You think you can stop them ... prevent fights of fans in new tower defense

(Played: 299)

Kangaroo Jump

Mount the floor as fast as you can if not the lava will hit you. You can take...

(Played: 285)

Treasure Coast

Beautiful relaxed underwater bejeweled game with great graphics and effects.

(Played: 296)

Save The Snails

It is necessary to arrange in a river of unperturbable snails in stable posit...

(Played: 273)

Experiment 17

As a lab engineer, control your snake under or over the water, collect 44 dif...

(Played: 283)

Shark Atack Tower Defense

Rejects shark attacks with your weapons.

(Played: 242)

Noodle Restaurant

Run and manage your own noodle restaurant by serving noodles and make your cu...

(Played: 286)

Beach Racing

Make the beach secure by fixing the holes, but be fast cause you are in a race.

(Played: 536)

4 Elements 2

Be the hero the kingdom seeks: set the fairies of earth, air, fire and water ...

(Played: 498)


kill all enemy

(Played: 259)

FireBoy & WaterGirl 3: The Ice Temple

Help FireBoy and WaterGirl in this new adventure! Control both characters at ...

(Played: 266)

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